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Cylinder Assembly

One of the most important criteria for hydraulic cylinder performance is that all parts are meticulously cleaned prior to assembly. A dirty cylinder can lead to leakage and failure in the field. It is for this reason that FATTER makes cleanliness and inspection a matter of priority. Cylinders are assembled in a clean and tidy environment and tested using high specification rigs down to 3 micron filtration levels and fitted with laser particle inspection equipment. After assembly all cylinders are date and serial number stamped for traceability in the field.

FATTER is committed to giving you a high level of customer service. Our ongoing commitment to our customers is paramount in forging and maintaining a successful working relationship. We are always available to take your call and invite feedback on our products and service so that we may strive to achieve continuous improvement.

Finishing options include:
  • Single and Two pack paint systems
  • Various Electroplating techniques
  • Hot metal spray (for very corrosive environments)

Our hydraulic cylinders are used in a variety of fields including:
  • Construction / plant equipment
  • Materials handling
  • Access equipment
  • Aircraft handling
  • Waste management
  • Earth moving equipment
  • Industrial transport
  • Marine and offshore
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Land management
  • Food industry
  • Process / production plant quarrying

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