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Cylinders Re-assembly with Full Accessories

All incoming hydraulic cylinders are plugged and washed thoroughly before entering the shop area. They are then inspected externally and disassembled for internal inspection at one of our self-draining work areas. Each cylinder component is examined for damage and wear and the technician will prepare a quote for repair based on this assessment. Once the customer has approved the quote, the cylinder barrel will be honed and the rod will be polished to remove scratches. Then both pieces will be cleaned thoroughly prior to reassembly. Once the hydraulic cylinder has been reassembled, it is tested and hand cleaned before it receives a fresh coat of paint.

Our Features:
  • Cost effective cylinder repair with a quick return on investment
  • We offer higher integrity repairs, which means overall less repairing and higher quality, longer-lasting cylinders.
  • Repairing hydraulic cylinders using FATTER is safer than using other methods.
  • With the help of a trained technician and engineers, repairs can be carried out in less time

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