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WWg capital Pte Ltd

An investment is an asset that is procured with the hope that it will bring about income or appreciate in the future. An investment may be monetary, which is referred as a financial investment, done with the idea that the asset will provide profits and create wealth in future or at a calculated period of time. Generally speaking any company or an establishment for that matter will need some financial investment for its incorporation, running and development in order to survive and succeed. This may be done through own source or otherwise by borrowing from reliable outside resource. This reliable outside resource is in general referred to as a financial institution or an Investor. Depending on the volume of the investment the investor is categorized as small, medium and large scale investor. The investor usually acts as a non interfering partner to the company, and gets his share of profits for his investment according to the agreed terms which varies with different companies and investments.

Daya Bumimaju Sdn Bhd

Daya Bumimaju has been established since April 2004 and specializes in critical equipment refurbishment and overhaul, engineering project and product design, development, manufacturing and management in the South East Asia region for oil and gas industry. Its business activities are focused on optimizing the performance of designs, coatings, materials, methodologies and standards for specific applications by the control of the manufacturing processes. The company provides full service engineering work covering design, development, prototyping, production, assembly, systems integration, outsourcing programs in end-to-end MRO (Maintenance, Repair, overhaul) services, precision turnkey manufacturing services and just-in-time deliveries.

TWK Precision Technology co., Ltd.

TWK precision technology has grown into a pioneer in the production of precision tools & metal etching parts. Backed up by superior state of the art technology and specialized equipment TWK precision Technology has been providing dedicated and quality services to its customers. Specialized in Metal Cutting, Metal Bending, Metal Shearing, Metal Rolling, Metal Roofing, Metal Furnishing, and Other Metal Services.TWK fabricates complex structures and components.


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