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Pressure Testing

All of the cylinder work FATTER undertakes is fully tested and certificated upon completion. This is true for both newly manufactured units and refurbished ones. The pressure testing requirements for the work that we undertakes are so specialised and varied that we had a real problem finding a machine that would do the job for us.

There is always a risk in developing an in-house solution and so our pressure testing rig has been finely tuned in full consultation with the Health and Safety Executive. The final result is that we now have a rig that allows us to make challenging evaluations of repaired or newly built cylinders in an environment that is safe for our employees and visiting customer representatives alike.

As with so many other things in our business the rig continues to develop over time as we recognise the need for new facilities as technology and customer demands change. Having both the design and technology in-house gives us the flexibility to further develop our pressure testing rig much more quickly and effectively than would be the case if we had to rely on an external manufacturer.

The Hydraulic tests include:
  • Cyclic Test
  • Proof Pressure Testing
  • Internal Leakage
  • Static Friction Testing
  • Cushioning Test
  • Mid Stroke Testing
  • Temperature Measurement Chart

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